To help support practice throughout these uncertain times, we are delighted to announce the FABS Webinar Series; a free programme of live CPD lectures from the world's leading clinical experts.

Starting from the 10th June 2020, the programme will feature live webinars covering a range of topics including panel discussions on aesthetic practice in Covid era and the importance of cross-speciality knowledge sharing; a key tenet of the FABS Congress. You will also hear webinars on operative principles, innovative techniques, complex cases and complications from experts in eyes, face, rhinoplasty, breast, abdomen and buttock.

You can register free to hear from leading clinical experts including Katarina Andjelkov (Serbia), Bouraoui Kotti (Tunisia), George Bitar (USA), Romeu Fadul (Brasil), Amin Kaalaji (Norway) and Nimrod Friedman (Israel), plus many more who will give you a fantastic world view of current best practice.

All webinars in this unique and exceptional lecture series are free to attend and come with one hour of verifiable CPD

Register for some or all of the webinars in this series below: 

Programme outline

Watch on-demand 10 June 2020 | 6pm BST  Panel discussion: New norm for aesthetic practice in Covid era-World view
Watch on-demand 24 June 2020 | 6pm BST  Operative principles in rhinoplasty, eyes, face lifts, abdomen and breast
Watch on-demand 8 July 2020 | 6pm BST  Innovative techniques in rhinoplasty, eyes, face, abdomen and breast
Watch on-demand 22 July 2020 | 6pm BST  Complex cases and complications in rhinoplasty, eyes, neck, breast, abdomen
Watch on-demand 5 August 2020 | 6pm BST  Non-invasive and innovative techniques in body contouring, male torso, buttock and neck
  9 September 2020 | 6pm BST  Panel discussion: The importance of cross-speciality knowledge sharing